Success rate for video obtained using unmanned surveillance system:


We've helped thousands of clients with their survelance and investigative needs, let's work together!


Background Investigations

Background investigations are useful for gaining information about prior litigation or possible sources of income...

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Locate Investigations

During this type of investigation, we conduct an in-depth search of various databases and other available sources...

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Recorded Statements

Interviewees may include claimants, witnesses or anyone who has pertinent knowledge that you wish to have documented...

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Face to Face/Alive & Well Interviews

We take steps to personally identify the subject and to obtain requested information. We conclude the interview by...

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Social Media Search

This service can provide a valuable insight into the subject’s social patterns and can help identify activities...

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Pre-Employment Screening

Our employment screening ensures you're hiring the right person, not just an interview...

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...Wayne County judge dismissed the case based on results of the surveillance.


...Camera surveillance has arguably saved my client's well over $200,000 on one case alone, and savings on the other cases are close to $75,000 per case.

Paul K

...Saved my client $20,000 on one case alone. Collectively, the cases combined are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Kristen K

…The results have saved between $50,000 and $100,000 on my cases.

Sarah L

…We conducted many rounds of surveillance and then trapped plaintiff and her providers in lies at their depositions. The carrier paid out almost $500,000 since 2007. This would have cost them millions as her claims would have continued until she died.

Jason B

…The video that we had in this case was nothing less than outstanding. It was instrumental in moving the case toward settlement. Without the video, it is likely that benefits would have continues the remainder of this individual’s life which could be in excess of 35 years.

Dan Z